Meditators Welcome


LOVE is the Heart of Consciousness. Be/Give/Choose Love.

With Love streaming from our Hearts, we can affect Earth changes and events worldwide. “The throne of the mind is seated in the HEART.” Heart meditators are an inclusive uniting force of Love and Light. We can “be the change [we] wish to see in the world” and assist in this global shift or awakening of consciousness. Whilst we are a non-denominational group (i.e. not associated with any religion), we are religion-friendly.

judy-satoriPictured with speaker Judy Satori at her session in West Los Angeles at the Gateway Portal  re: A NEW BEGINNING FOR HUMANITY (re: Nine years of transition starting 2015 into the 5th dimensional Earth).  September 16, 2014 with with Jasmine Stodel, Angie Correa, Kristin Kilmer, Rocio VillalobosJudy Satori, Itsa Lovely Daye (Mae McCaw), Hannah Calimpusan and Alisa Loftin.



Currently, Los Angeles, CA and other volatile seismic zones need the loving energy of high frequency heart meditators to ease the magma activity along the Pacific tectonic plate that can trigger the San Andreas fault line and others. Science is showing much activity. Even a small number of us vibrating at high frequencies can change this in meditation. One need not be physically located in L.A. to participate.

The Heart Meditators Facebook Group was recently established on November 14, 2012.  We have a growing membership of over 375 meditators.  Special thanks to each meditator on this collective journey. serves individuals to maximize their meditation experience.

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