#1: Meditation Basics

by Mae McCaw

You may want to light a candle and some incense. (Heat is the fastest way to move energy into the universe. And since your thoughts and feelings are an expression of your mind and heart’s energy, that which you meditate upon will move through the universe faster.)

As a beginner, sit in lotus position. Face east. Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Think nothing at all. Be completely still and just be mindful of your breathing. Focus on your breath. Do this 5-10 min a day until you can do it for 30-60 min a day. It just takes practice. You’ll be surprised of the clarity that becomes you as you release the clutter and chaos of your mind.

As they say, prayer is talking to God; meditation is God talking to you. When you are ready, your Higher Self (i.e. Soul) will begin communicating w/you through images, words, vibration/music, feelings, etc. (You will realize that your Higher Self has a Higher Self known as the “God Self”…and yet, it doesn’t end there.) Each person has a God Self which is his/her piece of the God pie…or as Rumi states (using the ocean as a metaphor for God): “You are not a drop of the ocean, you are an entire ocean in a drop.”

We also acknowledge this in the simple word “Namaste” which literally means “I recognize that the God in you is the God in me”. And if you didn’t already know, yoga actually means “union with God” or as some refer to it “meditation in action”.

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