12.12.12 @ 12pm Meditation in Santa Monica, CA

121212When:  12/12/12 @12pm

11:45am – Please arrive at this time.
12:00pm – Greetings (Mae) & Opening Intro (Annelise)
12:12pm – Meditation Begins (If joining us from a different location, please factor in the simultaneous time of 12:12pm PST with respect to your physical location nation/worldwide. We are greater in numbers.)  Note:  This is not a guided meditation, but rather, encourages your direct and personal heart connection to the Planet and Source energy to share and resonate your love and light with Los Angeles and the world.
1:00pm – Meditation Ends (Brief Closing)

If you arrive after the session starts, quietly take a seat anywhere on the sand and join us.

Where:  Santa Monica beach behind Hotel Casa Del Mar (at the end of Pico Blvd.)

What:  Wear WHITE if possible.  It helps to raise the vibration of the group energy.

The Focus:  Love. Peace. Unity…on our beautiful planet.

Again, this is not a guided meditation, but you can prepare for it.  Click for details:


Welcome Meditators. Save the date and kindly envision a beautiful sunny day. All are invited. Remember that you can participate without physically attending. Simply meditate with us at the same time wherever you are on the planet. Bring a beach hat…sunscreen and a jacket if you need it.  This meditation is a free gathering.We encourage sitting directly on Mother Earth to anchor your energy =)

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