#2: Quantum K Healing: Energy Clearing & Releasing

by Mae McCaw

Leading up to the 12/12/12 meditation, there are some things to share each day that may contribute to the loving force that emanates from the collective energy of this group. We are truly so powerful especially as we harness the positive energy that we emit every moment we are conscious of it. Having said that, many of us may have certain energy to clear and release from our past (and present) be it from relationships that no longer serve us, physiological ailments (those even unbeknownst to us), mental and spiritual blockages, etc. At this time, I wish to recommend the QUANTUM K HEALING which is a free 26-minute online meditation designed for physical, emotional, spiritual and general healing across time, distance and dimensions. Note that this is simply one technique among the countless.

“It is well established that the body can absorb information from sensory stimulation. This system stimulat[es] our healing potential through the written word, numbers, fractal equations, sound, colour, and symbols. By giving direct instructions to our body’s intelligence, we stimulate its natural healing powers. [Y]ou will be asked to make a constructive change, for example ‘I release all toxins in my body’. While you are consciously focusing on this intent, your unconscious will be busy absorbing the colours, harmonics, symbols and equations that appear underneath and provide the mechanisms to help this instruction take effect.”

Millions have used this healing technique frequently through the years. (You may do this as often as you wish.)  The link is as follows:

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