#4: “The Awakening”

by Mae McCaw

There is a new breed of our species emerging from the vestiges of an old world view. They are fully conscious human beings with a heart of gold now awakening to the new frequency worldwide. Born with a genuine appreciation for mother earth/nature – plants, animals, minerals, forests, oceans, mountains – they understand the living force of Love and Light infused in and IS all of creation. They are present and “feel” their truth. They are beacons of Light amongst their peers. They have mastered and tamed the ego. They equate success with their contribution to the evolution of the human heart, mind, and spirit. They have transcended the duality of life. They are extraordinary enlightened beings of compassion, humanitarians by example, and devoted environmentalists who genuinely care for the stewardship of the planet. They are artists/creatives, poets/writers, activists, yogis, healers, nutritionists, teachers, volunteers, messengers, lightworkers, starseeds… They understand, accept, forgive, and release with love  over time, distance and dimensions that which no longer serves them. Their energy is magnetic, uplifting, inspiring, and actively raising the vibration of the collective consciousness at any given time…with their laughter, smile, the warmth of their presence, the depth of their gratitude and patience, and their unconditional love as a service to others. They empathize – see and feel – themselves in others for they realize their true identity as the great Oneness. This is who we truly are. This is who we are becoming.

…and with that, I leave you this beautiful excerpt by Ken Carey–

“You know yourself as an expression of universal Being, as a cell in the terrestrial body of the One whose consciousness is now awakening in the human family, a consciousness that is ultimately, and beautifully, your own. One Being is the source of all creatures. The life of that Being shines through the multiple prisms of diverse worlds. Behind your individuality, beneath your cultural images of self, that Being is who you are. …When you know yourself this way, you recognize the others of your kind. We who inhabit the fields of light share with you a common spirit. [W]e are your family within time, your sisters, your bothers. Beyond time, we are One. To be the One and simultaneously the many this is your calling, your purpose, the ultimate destiny of your kind. You are the template, the prototype of a new and universal species, part solar, part material, both temporal and eternal, the species that will span the gulf between the visible and invisible, bringing new worlds into form. Through you a new and unprecedented cycle of creation will occur. You are the Being behind all individuals, the awareness within and beyond all these things. You know this in spirit. To know this while in individual form [in the material world] is to be conscious. To imagine that you are the focus of individuality itself, to imagine that you are the form and not the spirit that animates it is to be subconscious. To know yourself as an awakened individual is to also know yourself as the being of the surrounding context.”

“The Awakening (that we asked for)” by Ken Carey

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