12-12-12 Triple Portal Activation (Note for meditation)


12-12-12 is the last of the twelve triple activation dates that began in January 2001 with 1-1-1, then in February 2002 with 2-2-2, up until last year’s 11-11-11 Aquarian Age entry point. These twelve sequentially occurring numerical events activate codes in the twelve strands of the DNA and prepare humanity for the Earth, Sun, Galactic Center alignment on Winter Solstice Day 12-21-12, (note 21 is a reversed 12).

Huge crystalline Earth grids are also keyed to these dates, as immense recalibration and activation is required before we arrive at Galactic Center, which emits energy 500 million times more powerful than our Sun.Triple number dates upgrade the vibratory frequency of the numbers and trigger more evolved levels of multidimensional consciousness.

You are on the planet at this time to make your unique contribution to the emerging global mind of balance, harmony and prosperous peace. Join us as we align with these incredible cosmic transmissions. Experience all-inclusive awakening, beyond deluded phenomenon, into the endless expanse of evenness and exhalation.

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Los Angeles, California, 90028

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