Meditation Prep (print version)

Getting Started: Meditation for Love, Peace and Unity

SPECIAL NOTE:  LOVE emanating from your HEART is the meditation.  Touch your heart with your hand and FEEL this throughout your meditation experience.  The feeling of LOVE is PEACE, JOY, COMPASSION, GRATITUDE and UNITY.  Shower yourself in this feeling. Love is the HEART of Consciousness.  Release and detach ALL judgment prior to entering this state of Love.  (This includes any judgment on ego.  Simply feel Love for all that is as a uniting force that transcends duality.)  Believe that all you meditate upon has already come to life, that it is already done.  Feel this, be this, and use all your senses so as to be already in this state of accomplishment.

(1)  Wear White. It helps to raise your vibration.  Bring, center, or keep your crystals (Amethyst Quartz and other high frequency crystals, etc.) on you during meditation.  Also, clear the energies in the immediate space of meditation using sage or other known (natural) clearing agent.  (You may also call forth Ascended Master Saint Germain to transmute any negative energies into unconditional love energies using the Violet Flame of God.)

(2)  Find a place in Nature (e.g. beach, next to a tree, on the grass or dirt, etc.).  Sit or lie down directly on Mother Earth (skin to the floor) and let the Sun’s rays hit your body.  (This signifies a planetary and cosmic union with you.)  Face East unless you are in a group, then create a circle and hold hands initially.
(3)  Be Still. Clear your thoughts. (Imagine a clear blue lake or simple white sheet of paper.)  Focus on your Breathing.
(4)  Do Seven OMs to initiate the meditation.
(5)  Begin Your Invocations Silently.  INTEND, VISUALIZE, and FEEL the connection is already made as you address each of the following :

  • Higher Self (Soul):  “I give thanks that my Higher Self is here now descending upon me. I am the Soul. I am the Light Divine.  I am Love.  I am Will. I am Fixed Design.” (Feel free to invoke your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters as well. Call on Archangel Metatron to protect your circle with the Metatronic Shield.)
  • Mother Earth:  Anchor your body to the core of our nurturing Mother Earth and express from your Heart how deeply you love her.  Feel that this genuine connection with Mother Earth is already done.  And then be grateful as you feel her responding by returning that Love to you–moving up through your feet all the way to your head flowing into every cell in your body, invigorating you.
  • Heavenly or Cosmic Father:  Then FEEL as you anchor yourself to the Sun, stars and the cosmos communing with our Heavenly Father as his cosmic energy flows through your body.  Now, FEEL the Loving energy of the SACRED TRINITY between MOTHER EARTH, HEAVENLY FATHER and the Creation/CHILD: You.
  • Holy Spirit | Divine Love (Goddess):  Invite the Holy Spirit/Goddess Love energy and be grateful that she is already in your Heart and Life.  Feel as she weaves her energy through your body enveloping you in Love.
  • Source Energy | Eternal Light (God):  Say to yourself, “I am a child of the Light. I love the Light.  I serve the Light.  I live in the Light.  I am protected, illumined, supplied, and sustained by the Light.  I bless the Light.”
    Feel in your heart that it is already done.  [- Ascended Master Saint Germain]

    • Ask for the Light.  Feel this great  GOLDEN LIGHT (of the Central Sun | Eternal Light | Source Energy | Infinite Spirit | Universal Being | Prime Creator | God) already shining upon you activating the vibration in your Heart and FEELING the Love of this beautiful, luminous and cosmic Golden White Light radiating your Heart and enveloping your whole body from head to toe.
    • Now, FEEL the Loving energy of the DIVINE TRINITY between the Holy Spirit/Divine LOVE (Goddess), Source Energy/Eternal LIGHT (God) and the Creation/Child: YOU.

(6)  Local and Global Healing

  • Now, feel and be grateful this Divine LOVE and Eternal (Golden White) LIGHT is expanding beyond You to include the city of L.A. (or your own city wherever you are) healing the hearts of its residents.  Feel your city and all her inhabitants already healed.
  • For L.A.:  Feel and be grateful that the LOVE and LIGHT have already calmed any magma, tectonic and/or potential seismic or fault line activity below the city of Los Angeles and in the Pacific ocean.
  • For those in hurricane or flood regions:  Do the same.  Feel and be grateful that LOVE and LIGHT have calmed the seas,  restored the natural climate and the global jet stream.
  • Or other regional zones prone to cataclysms: Again, Do the same.  Feel and be grateful that LOVE and LIGHT have already restored your area to perfect harmony.
  • To Close the geographical healing:  Do the same.  Feel and be grateful that LOVE and LIGHT have expanded even larger to include the ENTIRE PLANET, all of Mother Earth, touching and healing the hearts of humanity, enlightening all beings in the spirit of Peace and Unity, and restoring our planet to perfect harmony. That is, our “will” (i.e.  faith/belief= the combination of our thoughts and emotions) in this feeling of Love to heal our hearts–be done (already).

(7)  Option to do Drunvalo Melchizedek’s meditation to Awaken the Illuminating Heart.
(8)  Continue with your own Personal Intentions.  Note that what you meditate upon becomes your physical experience (manifested into the material world) so long as you do it frequently and with FEELING that emanates from your HEART. Remember to feel it as though it were already done. Heal your heart first with love, forgiveness, and compassion, then give thanks that all of humanity suffering from the same illness be healed already (but always end your humanitarian statement with “if it is the will of their Higher Selves”).  Use this time to send or envision LOVE and LIGHT around those who really need it…especially to those with darkness in their hearts.  Feel them already illuminated with Light and enveloped in Love. (e.g. people you know personally, public figures, those in financial control, those in despair, etc.)
(9)  Close your meditation with Love, Gratitude and Seven OMs.

Long Term Preparation:

  1. Eating Organic Wholefood Plant-based High Enzyme Foods
  2. Juicing Organic Vegetables (as Liquid Meals)
  3. Drinking High Alkaline Water
  4. Karma Releasing (Healing the Heart with Love, Forgiveness and Compassion)
  5. Energy Clearing
  6. Chakra Cleansing, Anchoring & Activation
  7. Raising Vibration Frequency
  8. Third Eye and/or Heart Activation
  9. Cellular Activation
  10. DNA Repairing, ReCoding and ReGenesis
  11. Raising Light Quotient
  12. Daily Meditations (preferably between 3:33am – 5am)

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