Meditations, Activations, Karmic Clearing, DNA/Cellular Repair/Recode/Regenesis (85 Free MP3 Files by Judy Satori)

(1) Activations | Blessings | Quan Yin Transmissions | Meditations | Regenesis:  (41 .mp3 files)

(2) Karmic Clearing:   (44 .mp3 files)

To download her mp3 files, just right-click on the (audio) play-links.  You have to click into each of the topic pages for Karmic Clearing before it shows you the play-link.

(3) Full Moon Transmissions:  (previously posted | Jan-Nov 2012 – 11 .mp3 files)

All cellular and DNA recoding, repairing and regenesis for 5th dimensional vibration adjustment.

She has great transmissions that will prime you for healing activations, energy clearing and karmic clearing.  Easily load them into your iTunes and transfer into your iPods or phones.  Listen while you hike, workout, or just lie in bed or sit in nature.

While these audio files are free, kindly and generously consider making a donation to her site for her contribution to each of us for these amazing transmissions.


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