Meditations, Activations, Karmic Clearing, DNA/Cellular Repair/Recode/Regenesis (85 Free MP3 Files by Judy Satori)

(1) Activations | Blessings | Quan Yin Transmissions | Meditations | Regenesis:  (41 .mp3 files) (2) Karmic Clearing:   (44 .mp3 files) To download her mp3 files, just right-click on the (audio) play-links.  You have to click into each of the topic pages for Karmic Clearing before it shows you the play-link. (3) Full […]

12-12-12 Triple Portal Activation (Note for meditation)

by  GOLDEN BRIDGE YOGA 12-12-12 is the last of the twelve triple activation dates that began in January 2001 with 1-1-1, then in February 2002 with 2-2-2, up until last year’s 11-11-11 Aquarian Age entry point. These twelve sequentially occurring numerical events activate codes in the twelve strands of the DNA and prepare humanity for […]

Meditation Prep (print version)

Getting Started: Meditation for Love, Peace and Unity SPECIAL NOTE:  LOVE emanating from your HEART is the meditation.  Touch your heart with your hand and FEEL this throughout your meditation experience.  The feeling of LOVE is PEACE, JOY, COMPASSION, GRATITUDE and UNITY.  Shower yourself in this feeling. Love is the HEART of Consciousness.  Release and detach ALL judgment […]

#5b: LOVE – Shift – Oneness

by Mae McCaw In essence, everything is related.  When we discuss this “Shift” occurring on the planet, in addition to each individual’s grand Awakening to his/her Divine Self (i.e. the Oneness), we are also talking about Mother Earth’s Shift from 3D to 5D.  But what does that mean, exactly?  3D is said to be the […]