Dr. Steven Greer, CTS Tutorial (audio) How to Make Contact

Cosmic Consciousness:  By becoming conscious, an individual can awaken to their non-linear reality, omnipresent, and eternal–not bound by space or time, and therefore, does not limit Mind.  Mind is a singularity.  All individuals share this Oneness of Mind.  The Light of Awakeness that shines through each human being also shines through ever ET life form.  There is One Mind that shines through all of us–one Spirit, one Awakeness.  Matter itself is awake. Space is awake even as we and ET life form are awake.  Every cell is awake.  Every atom is awake.  Every star is awake.  The Earth is awake.  It is ALL Conscious.

Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) is NOT a meditation.  Spend a moment or two to access the non-local Mind.  Take time and be relaxed to have a sense of pure Consciousness to see that it is universal and cosmic; and in doing so, access this unbounded nature of Mind.  CTS really begins when one accesses this non-linear holographic aspect of Consciousness. CTS is not a meditation technique to achieve that state.  It is frequently misspoken that the CTS is meditation.  The meditative tradition (whichever you use to access unbounded calm Mind) is distinct from the CTS.  CTS works because the ET life forms are awake and have the non-linear technologies that can interface with Mind/Consciousness and thought.  When an individual accesses this state and then specifically REMOTE VIEWS a spacecraft, this is something there technology can detect.  Then, if you can show them precisely where you are located, they can find you very easily.

By experiencing Universal Mind (i.e. calm, non-anthropocentric, transcendent Consciousness free of linear space/time, of thought, perception, ego) one becomes very familiar with just pure Consciousness, and therefore, establishes the ultimate basis for a relationship with non-human, but conscious and intelligent life form.  They are one with you on that basis.

Some of the unusual manifestations of these ET life forms is tempered by the experience of unbounded Mind.  Because of its universality and because it establishes the individual in a state that is beyond fear and other linear interference, it serves as a very important way for the individual to function in a calm and coherent way while an ET spacecraft is landing or during an onboard meeting.

Training of guided meditation: (Note, however, that each individual should learn his/her own technique which enables them to experience unbounded non-linear Mind so that the CTS can be done from that launching point.)

Always return to the simple idea that YOU ARE AWAKE or universal state of Consciousness that is really a very simple state to achieve.  Make it easy and comfortable.  Acknowledge thoughts and sounds in your meditation and then let them go.  Release them.  Look deeply into the awareness and quiet consciousness.  Observe your breathing.  Become aware of that Awareness whereby you are making that observation as you perceive your own breath.  Within that silence between the breath, between the inhalation and exhalation, you can see that absolute silence of Awakeness.  Allow the Mind to expand to its unbounded true state.

Mystery Extraterrestrial Contact with Dr Steven Greer Part 1 (Fast foward to 40:35)

Mystery Extraterrestrial Contact with Dr Steven Greer Part 2

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