Visualizing & Meditating on Healthy Heirloom Organic Foods for EVERYONE.

Hello Meditators and those who share a common interest in healthy organic foods:

There’s SO much going on with regard to Monsanto and GMOs. In a recent thread, I wrote the reply below and felt I should share it with this group as we all seem to be on the same page with the intent and magnitude of our meditations, hopefully with the following in mind:

“For what it’s worth, I know it’s easier said than done, but remember to “transcend the duality” by not expending any of our energy (that is, the negativity or satisfaction) of hating Monsanto. Everyone or the vast majority has had a hand in the rise of Monsanto’s empire by virtue of being asleep all this time (GMOs have been around 20 yrs now; people are just now awakening). The focus now is rather on creating a reality of ORGANIC, HEIRLOOM VEGETABLES AVAILABLE TO MANKIND GLOBALLY. We can do this through meditation without ever crediting hate to Monsanto. Again it goes back to the Mother Theresa example in which she never participated in any “anti-war” demonstrations, but only in “pro-peace” assemblies. The negative energy in hating the war was no compensation in defeating it–fighting fire with fire burns everyone (much like Monsanto as we place all this energy making them out as the evil villains which would suggest we have been powerless to stop them. The truth is…we were just asleep, ignorant or lazy in our comfort zone of processed foods and American consumerism.) There is no victory in the victim mentality fueled by mob rule. We must act as a SINGLE UNIT of consciousness (a certain ONENESS of Mind and Heart) to create the world we deserve, but we must believe we deserve it in order to manifest it.”

~ Mae McCaw

Let’s focus on the food, people!

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