On Abundance & Love


by Mae McCaw

Again, below is another response I wrote to a Facebook thread on Creating Abundance/ Success in one’s life:

Thank you for this generous reminder. That said (and for what it’s worth), I feel the need to contribute my two (billion) cents simply to add further value and meaning to this post <grin>. What is written is for the most part, a definite way to manifest a certain abundance in one’s life–yes. But since I know the vast majority of recipients to this post are likely “Light workers”, I noticed, however, in the quoted words of Robins, Karras, and Hicks a glaring omission that places the engine of abundance almost exclusively on the “Mind/Thought/Intelligence” Consciousness. Even as Ozwald writes about his 90-day program laid out in three paragraphs, the notion to “Feel” emphasizes “material” abundance–that is, “Success” as the ends and “feeling it” (among other efforts) as the means to that end. i.e. “Feel Successful.” And if that is enough for you, then so it is. However, this was a similar (not exactly the same) undertaking by the people who brought us the so-called “Secret”. It landed them in the courts all fighting for their cut in the “Success” of the book and film. Granted, they didn’t have the noble suggestion to invest in green industries, but I’ll get to that in a sec.

For those who care, I will share what I believe are critical factors in this process of abundance. My experience has brought me to what I call my “Alignment Theory”. That is to say, align your INTENTIONS with your (1) Thoughts, (2) Words you SPEAK, (3) Words you WRITE (e.g. Business Plan, Goals, Affirmations), (4) Visualizations – i.e. the power of “Image Science”, (5) your Intuition, and (6) your Deeds/ Actions (though this tends to be the result of 1-5 powered by 7). Now, the critical KEY TO THIS FORMULA is that all these factors MUST BE POWERED BY LOVE (i.e. Joy, Happiness, Passion, Compassion, Goodness, Gratitude)–yes, (7) your FEELINGS/ EMOTIONS about it directed by your HEART CONSCIOUSNESS (not the Mind, but the Heart).

FEEL your way through the answers, and always CHOOSE LOVE. When you do this and apply it ACROSS THE BOARD in your life (not just about making money), your economic situation has no other choice but to enable your lifestyle to continue choosing Love comfortably. The focus is never on “(material) Success” per se, nor is it on “Abundance”; though note however, that I also did not say the focus is on WORRYING, ANXIETY, or SCARCITY of one’s economic situation. Misery loves company, and yes, “like begets like”. BUT REMEMBER TO DISCERN that it wasn’t only your thoughts that brought you poverty, the key that triggers this manifestation of scarcity is your FEELINGS about it.

It is all about Love. Love is the key. Only Love is Real.

Those who live their lives to advance humanity/preserve the planet or make the time to contribute of themselves as a SERVICE TO OTHERS (a labor of Love) will never worry about money. (In other words, money is not their focus when they are helping others.) The universe takes care of them – no matter what – so long as they release the feelings that shackle them into their current economic plight.

Yes, that service – your contribution to humanity and the planet – can definitely be toward eco-efforts, but it can also just as easily be your spare time working with animals, the homeless, the destitute, children, the elderly, community gardens, etc. When you do this as charity, you are rewarded financially in other ways. It is HOW YOU MAKE PEOPLE FEEL IN THEIR HEARTS (yourself included) that is your greatest source of wealth – or poverty – in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Love & Light Everyone ❤

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