#5c: FEELING – Love – Key to Manifestation

by Mae McCaw (Divine) Love and (Eternal) Light.  Goddess and God.  Energy of the Feminine and Masculine.  Holy Spirit and God the Father.  Vibration and The Unified Field.  Desire and Intention.  Heartfelt and Mindfulness.  Emotions and Intelligence.  Compassion and Wisdom.  Passion and Imagination.  Feeling and Thinking/Envisioning. The parallel is all around us.  The combination of […]

Resonance: Beings of Frequency (Film)

(Full Film) RESONANCE ➜ A Sensational Eye Opening Documentary that examines 60 years of scientific research, to uncover for the very first time, the actual mechanisms by which mobile phone technology can cause cancer. And, how every single one of us is reacting to the biggest change in environment this planet has ever seen. ➜ […]

#3d: The Electromagnetic (Radiation) Spectrum and its Health Risks

by Mae McCaw Note to Women (but generally everyone): Breast cancer for women is the most common result from daily exposure to electromagnetic energy (e.g. radio waves, microwaves, UV waves, X rays, gamma rays, etc.) emitted by your gadgets (e.g. so called smartphones, tablets, laptops, stereos, flatscreens, CELL PHONE TOWERS, etc.).  MELATONIN, naturally produced by the […]

#3b: Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of Human Emotions

by Mae McCaw In keeping with the theme of #3 Meditation Notes, this video illustrates and discusses Vibration Frequency to help us better understand how it works. It covers multiple clips from a sampling of talks, documentaries, interviews, etc. focusing on VIBRATION FREQUENCY and EMOTIONS/FEELINGS (HEART CONSCIOUSNESS). It includes the findings (by Dr. Masaru Emoto) about […]

#3a: High Frequency Vibration

by Mae McCaw So what does it mean to be “high frequency” or “high vibration”? There was a study done by Dr. Hawkins on “Measuring Consciousness Levels”. According to Hawkins, humans vibrate at an average scale BELOW 200 (in which they commonly exhibit emotions such as Pride, Anger, Desire, Fear, etc.) The collective human consciousness, […]