A Meditation for the Methane Leak in L.A.

by Mae McCaw A greenhouse gas that’s 25x more efficient at trapping heat in the atmosphere than CO2 makes methane one of the largest contributors to global warming. Much of the methane comes from the bottom of the ocean or in methane hydrates (trapped in ice released when icebergs melt). If a million tons of methane […]


This schedule is subject to change. Please note that “Waves of Unity” refer to times when people unify globally with shared practices. *** HeartMeditators.com Message:  If you would like a little guidance, the MEDITATION PREP (notes, below) were updated to include some critical revisions. Feel free to use for your upcoming meditations:  (It doesn’t matter if […]

12.12.12 @ 12pm Meditation in Santa Monica, CA

When:  12/12/12 @12pm 11:45am – Please arrive at this time. 12:00pm – Greetings (Mae) & Opening Intro (Annelise) 12:12pm – Meditation Begins (If joining us from a different location, please factor in the simultaneous time of 12:12pm PST with respect to your physical location nation/worldwide. We are greater in numbers.)  Note:  This is not a guided […]