Dr. Steven Greer, CTS Tutorial (audio) How to Make Contact

Cosmic Consciousness:  By becoming conscious, an individual can awaken to their non-linear reality, omnipresent, and eternal–not bound by space or time, and therefore, does not limit Mind.  Mind is a singularity.  All individuals share this Oneness of Mind.  The Light of Awakeness that shines through each human being also shines through ever ET life form. […]

Meditations, Activations, Karmic Clearing, DNA/Cellular Repair/Recode/Regenesis (85 Free MP3 Files by Judy Satori)

(1) Activations | Blessings | Quan Yin Transmissions | Meditations | Regenesis:  (41 .mp3 files) http://www.thesoundoflight.com/index.php?id=257 (2) Karmic Clearing:   (44 .mp3 files) http://www.thesoundoflight.com/index.php?id=176 To download her mp3 files, just right-click on the (audio) play-links.  You have to click into each of the topic pages for Karmic Clearing before it shows you the play-link. (3) Full […]

2012 Transmissions: Cellular and DNA Repairing, ReCoding, ReGenesis for 5th Dimensional Vibration by Judy Satori

If you’re familiar with Judy Satori, her Nov. full moon transmission is just out [click here to download for free]. If you’re not familiar, download all 11 months worth for 2012 here at no cost. They include meditations spoken in the “light language” from Alpha Centauri regarding regenesis DNA recoding new words of creation encompass […]