Dr. Steven Greer, CTS Tutorial (audio) How to Make Contact

Cosmic Consciousness:  By becoming conscious, an individual can awaken to their non-linear reality, omnipresent, and eternal–not bound by space or time, and therefore, does not limit Mind.  Mind is a singularity.  All individuals share this Oneness of Mind.  The Light of Awakeness that shines through each human being also shines through ever ET life form. […]

#3c: Where Science and Buddhism Meet

by Mae McCaw Another look at how directing your conscious energy  truly defines your reality (i.e. what you are capable of creating in meditation) as proven through quantum physics in this study “Where Science and Buddhism Meet”.  It has an emphasis on emptiness, oneness, and the nature of reality. Click the link below to watch: http://churchofthecosmos.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/where-science-and-buddhism-meet-videos/

#3b: Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of Human Emotions

by Mae McCaw In keeping with the theme of #3 Meditation Notes, this video illustrates and discusses Vibration Frequency to help us better understand how it works. It covers multiple clips from a sampling of talks, documentaries, interviews, etc. focusing on VIBRATION FREQUENCY and EMOTIONS/FEELINGS (HEART CONSCIOUSNESS). It includes the findings (by Dr. Masaru Emoto) about […]