Discerning Light Beings from Dark Reptilian Energies and Beings Posing as Light.

by Mae McCaw The Heart is definitely the tool (and “going within” the method) by which we can and do discern benevolent “UNSEEN” extradimensional advanced Light/Angelic beings from your run-of-the-mill wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing Reptilian ETs, but not just them. It would appear these “Allies of Humanity” are also referring to those whom we view as “benevolent” ETs such […]

On Abundance & Love

by Mae McCaw Again, below is another response I wrote to a Facebook thread on Creating Abundance/ Success in one’s life: Thank you for this generous reminder. That said (and for what it’s worth), I feel the need to contribute my two (billion) cents simply to add further value and meaning to this post <grin>. […]

Meditations, Activations, Karmic Clearing, DNA/Cellular Repair/Recode/Regenesis (85 Free MP3 Files by Judy Satori)

(1) Activations | Blessings | Quan Yin Transmissions | Meditations | Regenesis:  (41 .mp3 files) http://www.thesoundoflight.com/index.php?id=257 (2) Karmic Clearing:   (44 .mp3 files) http://www.thesoundoflight.com/index.php?id=176 To download her mp3 files, just right-click on the (audio) play-links.  You have to click into each of the topic pages for Karmic Clearing before it shows you the play-link. (3) Full […]